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Mistakes to Avoid on Legal Cover Letter

Mistakes to Avoid on Legal Cover Letter

The cover letter that you include with your resume when applying for jobs is the first impression that you make on the recruiter. Many factors influence how much of an impact the cover letter makes on the reader and if it’ll cause you to stand out. When drafting the document, there are many common mistakes to avoid making to ensure that it improves your chances of landing an interview.

Using a Boring Opening

When writing your cover letter, keep in mind that the employer will be skimming the document due to the number of applications that they have to go through. Your opening paragraph is the most important part of the content and will determine if the individual continues to read the rest of the document. Start with a bang by discussing your most impressive qualifications instead of talking about how you found their job posting on a website.

Making it Generic

It’s important to remember that hiring managers constantly read cover letters when hiring for a specific position, which can make them all read the same. If you want to avoid getting lost in the shuffle, you’ll need to be creative with your approach to writing the document. Include relevant information and maintain your professionalism with subtle attention-grabbers that make you stand out.

Talking Too Much About Yourself

One of the most common mistakes that many people make with their cover letter is talking too much about themselves. If you’re overly self-focused, it can cause the employer to be turned off. Focus instead on how your skills and experience can be a benefit to the employer to show that you can be an asset to the company. Consider including a few ways that you believe you can make a difference, and share why you believe in the purpose or mission statement of the company to prove that you’re a good fit.

Telling Instead of Showing

Telling instead of showing can make it difficult to get your points across when trying to prove that you’re qualified for the job. Instead of saying that you’re motivated or driven, discuss some of your accomplishments or awards that you’ve received. Using concrete examples will speak volumes without having to brag about who you are as a professional.

Tips for Unemployed Law Graduates

Tips for Unemployed Law Graduates

For law graduates who are unemployed, it can be challenging to have a delay in getting your career started. After working hard and graduation, it’s easy to become desperate when attempting to land a job. For those who are unemployed law graduates, there are a few tips to consider following.

Decide if Law is Right for You

As an unemployed individual, you can make use of your time off by deciding if becoming a lawyer is the right decision. Although you may be a recent grad, now is the time to make a career change before you’re already several years into practicing law. Although it may be a difficult decision, it’ll be easier to make it now rather than after you’ve already invested several years into your career.

Prepare for Finding a Job

Starting your job search can require a significant amount of time and energy. Prepare in advance by updating your resume and adding any new information that is relevant to working as a lawyer. You can also contact your school to receive help with learning about new positions that may be available to land interviews. Creating a cover letter that allows you to stand out and make an excellent first impression is also necessary before you begin applying for jobs.

Take the Bar Exam

Study extensively to ensure that you can attempt to pass the bar exam the first time without having to start the process over again. In most states, passing the bar on the first try is possible for most individuals. In other locations, it can be a challenge and will require patience. Now is the time to pass the bar exam since you can spend your days and nights studying and taking your time. It can be much more challenging to prepare for the exam if you’re already hired. Consider working with another person to learn where you need to improve and to practice taking the test.

Consider Your Options

Although it can be easy to feel stressed that you haven’t landed a job yet, you can have the time to consider your career preferences before it’s too late. Take advantage of career assessment tools that are available to determine how your personality will work in a legal setting.

About Henry Vinson

Henry Vinson is a 10,000 hour commercial pilot with Single-Engine and Multi-Engine Airplane; Rotorcraft-Helicopter; Instrument-Airplane; Flight Instructor Airplane & Flight Instructor Helicopter ratings. Henry Vinson holds a Master of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications from West Virginia University, as well as a Bachelor of Science in Mortuary Science from Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science. He is a member of the Public Relations Society of America, Airplane Owner and Pilot Association, American Marketing Association, American Communications Association, and Experimental Aircraft Association.

Henry Vinson was born in 1960 in South Williamson, Kentucky. He graduated from Williamson High School in 1979, and, after attending South West Virginia Community College, he enrolled in the Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science. In 1982, he was appointed the Coroner for Mingo County, West Virginia.

Four years later, he became a funeral director for W. W. Chambers Funeral Homein Washington, DC. After his stint at W. W. Chambers Funeral Home, he owned and operated the largest gay escort service ever uncovered in Washington, DC at the age of 26.

In 2007, Mr. Vinson received a Masters in Integrated Marketing Communications from West Virginia University, and today he is a successful entrepreneur who lives in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Following a successful career as a marketing and advertising consultant, Henry Vinson opted to return to school in 2014 to pursue a law degree. Vinson is currently enrolled in the Juris Doctor Program at William Howard Taft University, America’s oldest nationally accredited distance learning law school.