Pursuing a JD is a noble endeavor – and an admission into an elite school is certainly the key to a successful career in the field of law. With an increasing amount of students enrolling in law school (nearly 40,000 graduating with their degree in 2015 alone), it is essential to consider the different characteristics of the many schools which offer a JD degree accredited by the American Bar Association before deciding where to apply. After thorough studies conducted by US News regarding reputation, LSAT scores, and job placement success, the projected Top 5 Law Schools of 2018 are finally revealed:


  1. Columbia University

Columbia Law School, located in New York City, New York, offers specific programs to students seeking to practice certain areas in law: such as teaching careers or judicial clerkships. It is also possible to pursue additional master’s and doctoral degrees through programs at Columbia, including the business school or Mailman’s School of Public Health.


  1. University of Chicago

The University of Chicago Law School runs a bit unconventionally compared to other top-tier law schools; it’s curriculum follows a unique quarter schedule, consisting of three shortened terms. Students at the University of Chicago have the opportunity to earn a joint master’s degree during their law studies, and there are a variety of student organizations to become involved in on campus.


  1. Harvard University

Harvard Law School, known for its superior law degree, ranks third in the 2018 Top Law Schools. Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Harvard Law School is a three-year program which immerses students into real-life practice early on in their education, requiring students to begin applying their skills in “Student Practice Organizations.”


  1. Stanford University

Located in Stanford, California, Stanford Law School ranks in as #2 Best Law School in the US in 2018. With more than 25 joint degree options offered, students at Standford Law have the ability to chart their own academic course through a comprehensive three-year education.


  1. Yale University

Reining in first place on our list is the world-renowned Yale Law School, located in New Haven, Connecticut. At this notoriously known, Ivy League law school, education is re-framed by completely eliminating grades; instead, students are given the recognition of honors, pass, low pass, credit, or failure. There are no specific concentrations of study at Yale University Law, and the class sizes are small – usually consisting of 20 students or less.