Contrary to popular belief, lawyers don’t spend most of their professional lives in the courtroom. Instead, they page through the day amidst piles of research, looking for technical details and wording specifics that could push their cases to victory. Despite their reputations as smooth talkers, much of a lawyer’s time is spent sitting quietly with their reading material.


After those countless hours spent paging through documents, it may seem unrealistic for me to ask lawyers and would-be lawyers to spend what little free time they have reading more – but I will. Hear me out – those in the legal profession often spend seven or more years in school, gaining a detailed background in their chosen field. However, any legal professional worth their billables knows that developments in law can happen at a moment’s notice; as such, it is crucial for those within the field to keep up with significant cases and legal development. But as I mentioned before, many lawyers don’t have all that much time to spare for reading complex updates.


In light of all this, I would suggest that aspiring and current lawyers set aside twenty minutes each day to flip through posts from one or more of the engaging, informative, and easily digestible posts I have listed below. These are some of my favorites; I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!


Strictly Business

A blog dedicated to picking apart issues related to startups, venture capital, and entrepreneur, Alexander J. Davies’ blog is not one to miss if you find yourself gravitating towards business law.


Above the Law

Regardless of whether you are in school to become a lawyer or in the field with over a decade of experience under your belt, Above the Law should be one of your go-to informative sites. AtL provides news recaps and legal insights into stories regarding law schools, significant cases, judges, and importing case rulings.



Now in its tenth year, the SCOTUS Blog provides a thorough look into the most recent cases handled by the Supreme Court of the United States. This is a great resource for anyone looking to keep current on major rulings.


My Shingle

My Shingle is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to build and run their own law firm. The blog is equipped with a significant library of e-resources for starting lawyers, as well as thousands of thoughtful and informative blog posts.


Technology & Marketing Blog

Written by Eric Goldman, the Technology & Marketing blog provides valuable insights into – as the name suggests – technology and marketing law.