There’s no doubt about it – lawyers are some of the most overworked, busy professionals out there. It can be hard – if not nearly impossible! – to balance a keeping up with current events on top of caseloads, clients, and personal lives.

Luckily, podcasts offer the busy legal professional an opportunity to work and keep current at the same time; multi-taskers can leave these online radio shows running over an afternoon of paperwork, or during a pre-workday run.  While there are hundreds upon hundreds of lawyer- and law-centered podcasts available to stream, I’ve selected six of my personal favorites. You won’t run out of content anytime soon, given that a few of these offerings have been running for years! I hope that you enjoy them as fully as I did.


Lawyer 2 Lawyer

I can hardly make a list of podcasts without mentioning J Craig Williams and Bob Ambrogi’s show. Lawyer 2 Lawyer has been a platform for legal commentary on current events for over a decade. Often hosting intriguing guests and considering complex issues, this podcast will certainly leave you thinking. Episodes come out on a weekly basis and are each about forty minutes long.


Thinking Like a Lawyer

Thinking Like a Lawyer offers an interesting exercise in shifting perspective. In each episode, hosts Elie Mystal and Joe Patrice consider an everyday issue (i.e., the fashion industry, or even Hulk Hogan) from a legal standpoint.


Life of the Law

It’s an unfortunate truth that the law can be dry – even boring – when considered from an academic viewpoint. But the investigative team at Life of the Law brings the real-life repercussions of legal decisions into public view by sharing stories from those impacted by actual court cases.



Technically, these aren’t podcasts. However, every single video is nevertheless worth a listen. TED Law is a channel containing legally-centered lectures delivered by powerhouse speakers. You’ll undoubtedly find yourself thinking, whether you watch the video or simply leave the audio playing.


The Docket

This podcast stands out from its peers as an analytic program that reaches beyond the confines of a single case. Hosted by Canadian criminal defense attorney Michael Spratt, The Docket deftly examines the influence that government policy applies – intended or not – on society and law.


Trial Lawyer Confidential

Trial Lawyer Confidential is hosted by Elena Saris, a criminal defense attorney working in LA, and offers an intriguing look into the inner workings of the criminal justice system. Over the course of an episode, Saris overviews a real case, and provides listeners with advice on how to become an effective trial attorney.